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...with RV Polarstern in the perennial ice

Always in action: Heavenward,


...Sabellaria riffs in the eulittoral

on earth, and


...face to face with mantas

under water.





  • Interdisciplinary ecosystem research with experience in more than 80 research and development projects,

  • advisory services for administrative authorities as well as for research institutes and companies


  • reviewer for international project proposals and for twenty scientific journals (u.a. Botanica marina, Estuaries, Journal of Plankton Research, Journal of Sea Research).

          My publications on the following major topics are available:


   Biological components
  • Phytoplankton

  • Zooplankton

  • Meiofauna

  • Macrophytobenthos

  • Macrozoobenthos

  • Fishes

  • Marine mammals


   Impacts, effects, management strategies
  • Algae blooms

  • Alien species

  • Antifouling paints (a.o. TBT)

  • Baltic Sea

  • Climate change

  • Dredging and dumping

  • Estuaries

  • Offshore windparks

  • Wadden Sea

  • Warefare-related hazardous sites

  • Water Framework Directive


   Working basis
  • Biostatistics / GIS / Research methods

  • Technical terms



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